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  • Install Click Jacker on an Unlimited Number of Blogs

    Installing Click Jacker is easy, takes less than a few minutes, and immediately amplifies the power of your outgoing links by tenfold!

  • Legally Steal Authority from Top Websites in Your Niche

    Since you wont have to spend time creating content you can focus on important things like building your list or making sales.

  • Hijack Website Links with Your Own Custom Pop-ups.

    After installing the plugin you simply find links to share and place your own pop-ups over your outgoing links to other websites.

  • Many Customers Have Made Their First Sale Within Days

    Unlike other products that have a steep learning curve, you can profit almost instantly after downloading Click Jacker. Many customers have made sales in their first few days.

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Click Jacker 4 Makes Profiting from Links Easy

You can make money by sharing the same links you send to others on a daily basis and benefit from the authority of other websites by placing your own monetizable pop-ups over their site.

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    Find Great Content to Share on Social Media, YouTube or Anywhere

    When you share links on Social Media they display the same preview image and content you would typically see. The only difference? These links will go to your site with your own pop-ups or re-targeting.

  • 2

    Create a Quick Campaign with Image Ads, Email Opt-ins or Video Pop-ups

    You can build a brand new Click Jacker campaign in minutes using the simple, easy to use interface that makes Click Jacker Unique. Or Clone and existing campaign in seconds. That's what makes this software unique over all the copy cats. It's streamlined and effective.

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    We've literally thought of everything and it shows!

    Other similar software was made for one purpose, to make money off of a proven idea. When I first released Click Jacker it sold over 5,000 copies. But I didn't stop there. We've continued to improve and update the software through over 10 major revisions. What it is today is unmatched with features like social cloaking, search functionality, and many more that others have yet to implement.

Fantastic plugin, definitely worth the money. Every now and then a software is released that is worth every penny and more, a diamond in the rough ... this is one of them. Theres a ton of ways this can be used, test and experiment and whatever gets results, stick to it and build it up.

WebRankSEO, Warrior Forum Member

I made a sale already! I did one little test with a facebook status update on a small facebook page. I really didn't expect any sales at all - I mainly wanted to see how your plugin works, try it, and see how people react to it (do they click it, etc). Well by golly, only 44 hops to the Clickbank product I was sharing, and I had me a sale and a nice commission of $31.86!

Pot Pie Girl, Warrior Forum

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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Q1) Will Click Jacker Overlay Pop-ups work on Any Website? +

No, in order for Click Jacker to function properly the website you are hijacking must allow iFrames. While most do, there are some sites that have decided to prevent iframing in these cases you'll typically get a warning about iframe blocking code when you build the campaign. When this happens we suggest finding similar content on another, more suitable site.

Q2) What are the Requirements to Run Click Jacker on my Website? +

Click Jacker will work on most WordPress blogs. There may be some conflicts with other plugins that could prevent proper use. Sites with Optimize Press installed sometimes cause issues. Additionally, free sites hosted on do not allow plugins and therefor will not work with Click Jacker. Click Jacker is a WordPress plugin.

Q3) How many websites can I Install Click Jacker or Link Cloaker on? +

You can install Click Jacker on an unlimited number of websites that you own. We ask that if you are using it on a client project that you purchase additional copies so they can get the latest updates and features.

Q4) If I have issues how can I contact you to get support? +

It's really easy. Contact me at and fill out a ticket. Save the URL and check for updates. I prefer this over email as it's more organized and easier to manage.

Q5) How can I get Updates on Click Jacker? +

Click Jacker 4 has automatic updates which means when a new update is available you will receive a notice in your WordPress dashboard. You can download and activate the update all through your dashboard like a normal WordPress plugin.

Click Jacker 4

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